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   New York (Jan. 5, 2016)Rudy Franchi’s just published mystery novel, Murder On The Road Show(Henchman Press, Somerville, MA) is the latest entry in the “accidental detective” genre. In this example, the amateur sleuth is Carlo Parigi, a roguish New York collectibles dealer who wangles his way onto a new TV program, Antiques On The Road.

At the show's very first stop, Cincinnati. Carlo discovers a rare 1930s movie poster and on his way to taping this treasure , he discovers a dead body. It is a show guest who has been run through with a Civil War sword that has just been evaluated as very valuable.

A local detective cites Carlo as the chief suspect and he is forced to try and solve the murder to clear himself. The bloody body also unleashes a cascade of strange and dangerous characters, chief among them his fellow appraisers,  whose  forced smiles reveal pearly teeth

 During all this, Carlo continues to travel from city to city, sharing numerous appraisals of pop culture collectibles ranging from Mickey Mouse memorabilia to vintage Coca-Cola signs.

 In conversations with fellow dealers, the AOR'S guests and in asides to the reader Carlo shares some well guarded trade secrets:how to really buy low and sell high(also know as “euchring the punter"); why are the vast majority of movie star signed 8 x 10 glossies totally worthless and exactly what is the notorious "box call."

Also revealed are  the backstage  machinations  of Antiques On The Road, chief among them the tricks appraisers use to convince the producer to put the Holy Grail they just discovered on TV and how do the dealers know so much about the object that the viewer is blinded with science.

Carlo has several personal obsessions: a fervent love for New York; word play of all kind, especially puns and anagrams and a passion for fine clothing. It is the latter that helps him solve the murder, while lying in a sex wrecked bed, watching the sun rise over Bismarck,North Dakota.
Author Rudy Franchi was an on air collectibles appraiser with the PBS series Antiques Roadshow, from its first season in 1997 through 2011, when he retired to spend less time with his family and more time working on his website ( plus even more time writing.

 There are, so far,  to be two more books in the Carlo Parigi Collectibles Mystery series: The Normandie Encryptions  jn which Carlo is swept into the world of high end Art Deco collectors and dealers when he is tasked with finding a history shattering message hidden in the famed glass artworks in the ship's Grand Salon.   This is to be followed by A Flea Bitten Corpse in which Carlo, attending a large outdoor market,  finds a dead body in a rather shabby, large Art Moderne cupboard.

Born and aised in New York, Mr. Franchi lives in
Los Angeles, where he poisons palm trees, pines for New York and spends an inordinate amount of time online ordering from Zabar's.

 Contact:Rudy Franchi      

Author Rudy Franchi surveys his empire of junk
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On July 19/20 Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas Texas will be selling a rare poster featuring a ship of the Olympic class that might well be the Titanic.

Here is the text from the auction catalog, which outlines the confusion about the subject of the poster.

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Featured in an auction at Heritage Auction Galleries on March 22 are an amazing group of 13 Japanese travel posters created for domestic use. Follow this link to see entire set + further information:

Despite extensive research, no other examples have been found and not even an image of any them seems to exist. They were produced by Japan's national railway to promote travel  to
newly established national parks and various spas and hot springs. 

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Another project I've gotten involved with,  this time trying to do a favor for a friend. 

Inline image 1
Casino de Paris 1930/31 program for Paris Qui Revue, 60 pages, cover art by Zig with 1930 date indicated. Contents include extensive credits for this elaborate review. many photos of Baker plus leading cast members, ensembles, etc. Numerous ads for Paris attractions and international travel, most featuring cutting edge design of the style that came to be known as Art Deco,
This is one item from an auction to held Oct. 24 at Phil Weiss (lot 535 ). It  consists of one ( rather tacky ) painting plus a raft of ephemera ( photos, ads, sheet music ) related to  Josephine Baker who dazzled 1920s Paris by dancing  
wearing bananas, feathers and not much else.  Of course she was known for a little more than her dancing. When she returned to the States in the 1930s, she worked to break color barriers. Upon her return to France she worked for the Resistance during the war, transmitting information to the Allies via numerous trips to Lisbon. She convince the Nazis that she was a mega star in Portugal to explain her many "appearances."  She is, of course, a fascinating person with many collectors of material relating to her career and her personal life, including among their number, her son Jean-Claude Baker who is nightly ensconced at his over the top restaurant in the theater district, Chez Josephine.

-- Link to entire auction listing:

Regards, rudy 

Inline image 1
I warned you it was tacky ( but it has a certain naive 
quality that might qualify it as outsider art ... which
I tend to describe as art that should be placed well outside
the house.)
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Phillip Weiss Auctions, July 25:

FYI: a pair of Ben Jorg Harris (noted african american artist)  New
York themed watercolors are going
up for sale in July. Here is the auction site:

A few other points: the two watercolors are linked by two themes: NY
hotels and NY monuments. The example
featuring the Plaza Hotel also includes the Pulitzer Fountain,
designed by Hastings. The other example
features the Brevort Hotel with Washington Square Arch, designed by
Stanford White,  in the background.

Harris, related to Joel Harris, author of the Uncle Remus stories, was
noted for his skilled use of
airbrushed watercolors. These two works are outstanding examples of
the technique.

The reverse of each board states "Copyright 1948 Newman Decor."  The latter was
a  company noted for commissioning artists to paint pairs of artwork to
complement the late 1940s furnishing they sold to decorate New York
apartments. Harris was part of their design theme, but most of his work
involved floral themes. These two watercolors are notable exceptions.

If you have any further questions, you can reach me at the
email and phone #s below. Regards, rudy franchi

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Friday, June 01, 2012


Article on Beanie Babies, Baseball Cards, Animation Cels and other collectibles that were once
riding high in value, but have now failed as investments.

Friday, April 06, 2012


Poster exhibition of the Skolnick and Byrd announcements for the original Woodstock + a poster
fair to be held at the end of April.