Sunday, July 01, 2012


Phillip Weiss Auctions, July 25:

FYI: a pair of Ben Jorg Harris (noted african american artist)  New
York themed watercolors are going
up for sale in July. Here is the auction site:

A few other points: the two watercolors are linked by two themes: NY
hotels and NY monuments. The example
featuring the Plaza Hotel also includes the Pulitzer Fountain,
designed by Hastings. The other example
features the Brevort Hotel with Washington Square Arch, designed by
Stanford White,  in the background.

Harris, related to Joel Harris, author of the Uncle Remus stories, was
noted for his skilled use of
airbrushed watercolors. These two works are outstanding examples of
the technique.

The reverse of each board states "Copyright 1948 Newman Decor."  The latter was
a  company noted for commissioning artists to paint pairs of artwork to
complement the late 1940s furnishing they sold to decorate New York
apartments. Harris was part of their design theme, but most of his work
involved floral themes. These two watercolors are notable exceptions.

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