Friday, October 11, 2013


Another project I've gotten involved with,  this time trying to do a favor for a friend. 

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Casino de Paris 1930/31 program for Paris Qui Revue, 60 pages, cover art by Zig with 1930 date indicated. Contents include extensive credits for this elaborate review. many photos of Baker plus leading cast members, ensembles, etc. Numerous ads for Paris attractions and international travel, most featuring cutting edge design of the style that came to be known as Art Deco,
This is one item from an auction to held Oct. 24 at Phil Weiss (lot 535 ). It  consists of one ( rather tacky ) painting plus a raft of ephemera ( photos, ads, sheet music ) related to  Josephine Baker who dazzled 1920s Paris by dancing  
wearing bananas, feathers and not much else.  Of course she was known for a little more than her dancing. When she returned to the States in the 1930s, she worked to break color barriers. Upon her return to France she worked for the Resistance during the war, transmitting information to the Allies via numerous trips to Lisbon. She convince the Nazis that she was a mega star in Portugal to explain her many "appearances."  She is, of course, a fascinating person with many collectors of material relating to her career and her personal life, including among their number, her son Jean-Claude Baker who is nightly ensconced at his over the top restaurant in the theater district, Chez Josephine.

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Regards, rudy 

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I warned you it was tacky ( but it has a certain naive 
quality that might qualify it as outsider art ... which
I tend to describe as art that should be placed well outside
the house.)
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