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Poster News Bulletin ( the web log embedded on the
front page of the mega movie poster site, Nostalgia Factory (, has just had subscriber #3500 sign up to receive the bi-weekly screed written by the site’s owner, Rudy Franchi.

“When we started PNB 6 years ago, the word blog was obviously not in use, but I guess our periodic commentary on happenings in the arcane world of movie paper was just that before there was a that.” The Bulletin not only provides news of upcoming movie poster auctions and shows that sell related ephemera, it often comments, in a somewhat acidic tone, on trends in the field. Several times it has exposed questionable doings at the major auction houses and one of its commentaries on such skullduggery received wide attention in the mainstream press.

The Bulletin lives in symbiotic relation to The Nostalgia Factory web site, nestled on its front page and obviously read by the large number of visitors to the site, which gets more hits and unique visitors than any other movie poster site on the Internet. A hardcore group sign up to receive notification of every new issue and those are the subscribers whose count has hit the 3500 hundred mark.

The Nostalgia Factory has over 41,000 entries of entirely original movie posters and related items (press kits, pressbooks, promos) and is the largest and oldest such site on the Internet. The material for sale dates from the silent era through current releases and comes in formats ranging from lobby cards to immense billboard type 24 sheets.

The site is run by Mr. Franchi and his wife Barbara, who are authors of Miller’s Movie Collectibles, a guide to collecting movie posters. They have been in the business of selling movie paper for 36 years and have associated with the PBS series Antiques Roadshow as entertainment memorabilia appraisers since the show’s first season 10 years ago.

Mr. Franchi states that “PNB started as a ploy to attract traffic to the site, but it’s taken on a life of its own.” Franchi, who’s weakness for puns has left him with no friends (and barely tolerated by his family) states that he has made it quite simple to unsubscribe from PNB. “Actually,” he says “it’’s as easy as falling off a blog.”

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